The Enlightenment era was a big movement for Europe when Reason>Faith and Science>Religion.   Who is he? John Locke lived between the 29th August 1632 to the 28th October 1704. He was an English philosopher and a physician. He was also known as the “Father of Liberalism” What were their major contributions to the 18th-century philosophy? […]

SETTING Swiss Alps: “The pines are not tall or luxuriant, but they are sombre and add an air of severity to the scene. I looked on the valley beneath; vast mists were rising from the rivers which ran through it and curling in thick wreaths around the opposite mountains, whose summits were hid in the […]

The Gothic Antagonist – The Creature   Features: Control: Controls V.F through his weakness for his family…until V.F. thinks about ‘the greater good’ Supernatural Powers: Superhuman speed and strength Able to withstand extreme conditions Massive physical presence Dualism: Begins as an essentially good character Shown with his interactions/obsessions of the Delacy Family After being turned […]