27th February 2017

Personal Reading – 1.10

Reading Journal

  • 6 different texts
    • 2 extended texts (novel, autobiography…)
    • 2 other written texts (short story, feature article…)
    • 2 films (or other written texts)

A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey

Text Type:

Extended text – Autobiography

A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey. This book is an autobiography about a man named A.B. Facey and his adventures through his life. Facey grew up in Victoria, Australia and his mother left him there with his grandmother, who cared for him. Eventually, his grandma made the decision to move to Western Australia and start a new life as a farmer and to hope for Facey to see his mother again. WA  in the early 1900’s was growing in mine industry and agriculture began to grow further inland and spread across WA.  

This story is based around strong character building, as this is Facey’s life story, it shows his opinions, reactions and how he matures throughout the book. I relate to Facey through early maturity and being able to speak to adults a lot earlier than other kids. An example of this was early in the book when Facey was around 8 years old he was taken to work on another farm as a companion to an old lady. Instead, he ended up working long 12 hour days every day except Sunday. This showed me that he was mature at a young age because now the current days you would never see or even expect an 8-year-old working strong and strenuous long hour days in the heat. Another example of Facey being very mature for his age was when he was around the age 12/13 he travelled up north of Western Australia to a place called Mullewa where he got a job as a ‘cooks assistant’ while being apart of a larger gang of lads to go on a cattle drive. This relates to myself as I find it easy to speak to adults and being able to be apart of an ‘adult’ conversation.

I not only can relate to the character, but I can also relate to the setting in the autobiography because I was born in Perth Australia and I’m fairly familiar with the towns and areas which are mentioned in the book. An example of when I related to this was when Facey was a tram driver in the city of Perth, I could easily picture it, however in a modern sense, but was able to smile over the fact that I have been there and rode on those trams, which he himself drove and he walked those streets I walked.

Finally, a thought from his autobiography which has come across my mind was boxing. In his story, he became a well-known professional boxer when he was only 18, and it didn’t take him very long to achieve this. This influenced my thoughts of signing up for boxing, as it has been a sport I have always been intrigued about but while reading this I was more so intrigued and inspired by it as well.

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