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  1. This is going very well, Sara.

    The strongest part is where you make a reference to ‘cloaked darkness’ and you’ve explored what that might mean in terms of is nature, and then human nature, very well.

    Your other observations would be improved by referring to similar metaphors or specific details in order to support them better. Half way through you tend towards a re-telling of the plot, when you would be better to continue to select specific details to support your points.

    You can prepare for this by re-reading significant moments in the text and paying close attention to what Golding is focusing your attention on. This will both equip you with more sophisticated quotes and also allow you to give more detailed answers.

    Always make sure you make references to the author’s intention. What was the purpose of this novel (to communicate a warning about human nature and the importance of law and morality) and how did THIS character help to reveal that intention?

    Connect the ideas in the text that you’re exploring to other texts or the wider world. Can you think of another character/person who is like Jack?

    Hope this helps.


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