Reading Log #7 (Back up Log)

My Immortal

Written by Evanescence


Amy Lee (the singer of the band Evanescence) wrote this song in respect to her sister, who unfortunately passed away.  Its inner meaning is the feeling we have after someone has passed. How we remember them, all the memories we had with them, the feeling deep inside us. This is our known ‘grieving’ term that we associate with. This song speaks of this grieving process. I personally cannot relate to the so-called ‘grieving process’ as I have not had anyone that is so close to my emotional state that has passed away. I cannot imagine or even connect with what this song is telling me. However, this grieving process is very common, everyone experiences it in their life, whether it be short or long. Soon or eventually I will be able to relate to this. Yet, by listening to each word in this song, it has given me a great understanding of what it possibly could be. “I wish that you would just leave ‘Cause your presence still lingers here And it won’t leave me alone” Here she sings of his unnatural presence, which is the grieving emotion, and how it is always new, even if someone has grieved before, it will always be different because whomever the person is and how significant they were to oneself. She furthermore explains the pain behind it saying “These wounds won’t seem to heal, this pain is just too real”, this gives me an even bigger picture that it may is inside our heads, yet it is both mentally and physically painful to experience. 

Additionally, this song is under the ‘gothic’ genre, as it sings of death and grief, but it also includes the love of which Amy had and still has towards her sister, with which all this love meant she was closer to her sister, and hence her pain is felt more.

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