Tim Burton Filming notes

Common Techniques:

  • Monochromatic colours
  • Flashbacks – full vibrant colour
  • Red Blood – very standout
  • Music – contrast what we are seeing with that the character is feeling
  • Makeup – pale faces, dark eyes
  • Lighting – light/dark contrast
  • Settings – slightly distorted/unrealistic
  • Close up shots

Cinematography Techniques:

  • Lighting
  • Camera Angles
  • Props/Setting
  • Costume
  • Camera Shots
  • Dialogue
Gothic ConventionsFilm Techniques

Gothic Protagonist/Antagonist

Tone/Mood – Negative, uneasy, dark

Elements of the supernatural

Hair, makeup, costume
Camera Angles
The setting, props (Mise en Scene)
Camera shots

Tim Burton tends to use Protagonists and calls them “heroic loners”…this is different from the classic ‘underdog’ hero. These characters tend to be nerds/goths/super crime fighters that are 100% happy with their lonely existence. Burton’s heroic characters are troubled loners, isolated from the rest of the world. 

Burtons cinematic style: dark, demented, and nightmarish, but they also have a strange innocence and element of childlike wonder, too. He creates a dichotomy between the gothic and idyllic—the dark and the light—but since it’s Burton, the darks and lights are warped by the funhouse mirror of his creativity. He uses ‘nightmarish’ settings, surreal humour, 

Essay Structure

Introduction – Outline the 2 films (Sweeney Todd + (summary, director, etc) + chosen techniuqes 

Paragraph 1: First film + technique

Paragraph 2: second/third technique

Paragraph 3: second film + technique

Paragraph 4: second/third technique

Paragraph 5: links between both films…

Conclusion: Summary of it all

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